In 2007 leading into my sophomore year at a small but well known junior college, Central Arizona College I Richard Jones a 2009/2010SEC indoor & outdoor 800m champion NCAA 5 time all-American and now an Olympic hopeful for the Olympic Games in track &field was training with what I think some the best track and field coaches and staff during my two year term. One of those coaches is Watus Cooper or better know as Coach Coop. Watus brought a new approach to training in workouts such as cross training. This allowed me to train harder with less stress with various drills off the track. Also I believe in order to be a great athlete you need to be happy in your environment and Coach Coop is able to make some of the hardest workouts seem fun with his easy going personality. – Richard J.



"Unfair Advantage Performance is the most amazing training system I've ever experienced! Our trainer, Watus Cooper, helps us to each realize the unfair advantage we have in maintaining a lifestyle of health and fitness. For a very small fee, we are offered daily workouts and meal plans, plus we mix it up by adding different weekly challenges to foster self-discipline. We get together weekly to "pound the pavement" and the workouts are always new, exciting and challenging! I am not athletic nor in great physical shape, and anytime the workout exceeded my fitness level, I was able to modify and slow down without feeling ashamed of my paced-progress.  I would recommend this to ANYONE from a beginner to a competitor, you will not be disappointed!" - Baiyina A.

I" have been training with Watus for about a year. I was referred to him by my sister because I was preparing for my May wedding. I am in the best shape of my life because of Watus. I look at my wedding pictures and can't believe the muscles I have. He is amazing at what he does and is always changing up my workout. Due to the constant change, I have dramatically increased my strength specifically in my upper body. I am doing different exercises that I never knew I could do! He is very positive and patient, which encourages me to continue to work hard.

Lastly, I entered a bridal challenge in December to really motivate myself to get wedding ready. Because of Watus, I took home first place and was barely sweating when I was competing against the other brides. He believed in me every step of the way!"

- Jessica A.

"I had the opportunity to work with Watus Cooper not only during my career with the University of Arizona softball team, but also post college while I was playing professionally and competing with USA Softball. Watus worked with me one on one on strength, speed and agility. All of which are critical components of my sport and position. He introduced me to new ways of training that helped bring me to my peak performance.

Aside from being incredibly versed in his field, Watus was always a blast to train with. If you are looking for someone who can bring you to the top physically and nutritionally, all while having fun, there is no one better." – Alicia H.




"Watus hasn't been my only personal trainer, but he has certainly been the best! His extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition helped be become a successful athlete in a variety of sports including football, track, and even triathlons. Watus taught and inspired me to work hard and work smart to get the results I want!" – Kyle S.




"Still have this memory of freshman year dying in our 110s and 220s and Watus ran next to me to push me the rest of the way!!! He’s the best!!!" - Caitlin L.




Training with Watus was great. Not only did he whoop my butt, he made the experience fun and enjoyable. When I needed to be pushed, he pushed, and when I achieved he let me know. I was in the best shape of my life when training with Watus. – Adam G.




"You are wonderful! I think the best thing about being able to work with you was that you believe that anyone, no matter their size or weight, can achieve greatness and physical fitness...and if you believe, WE believe! Your work ethic and ability to bring out the best in your athletes in top notch. Your personality is made for working with people. Anyone who works with you is sure to become a better person and athlete because of what you do. – Leneah M.

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