Unfair Advantage SUMMER SPEED CAMP



The Unfair Advantage Summer Speed Camp will be lead by Watus Cooper. 


Wātus has seen a fair share of elite athletes. Having worked with high school, college, professional and Olympic athletes he is no stranger to high intensity workout sessions. Being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) and a National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES) Wātus has had the privilege of working with numerous athletes advancing them to the next level. He has the ability to bring his background of track and field (USATF Level 1) right into the realm of every athlete’s prospective sport in such a way that each one can walk away a faster and more explosive athlete.

2 - Strength

With every speed training programs comes an element of strength that must be gained.  This program will assist in the recruitment of fast twitch muscles and build the major muscle movers utilzed by every athlete.

1 - Speed

We have comprised an 4 Week speed and agility program designed to make  a faster and more explosive athlete!  Every athlete has the ability to be faster and this is what we will tap into each week.

4 Pilars of an Unfair Advantage Athlete
4 - Nutrition

At the very core of every well constructed training plan is a foundation of good nutrition centered around eating whole foods as much as possible and KNOWING how and why to eat certain foods as it pertains to becoming a better athlete.

3 - Conditioning

In this phase of training we not only focus on conditioning the body, but also on conditioning the mind.  We want every athlete to complete each set and rep with a mental toughness to finish strong!

Select a Package
July Session:
Monday - Thursday
July 10th - August 3rd
3 pm - 430 pm

Each Athlete will receive an UNFAIRADVANTAGE 
One Week at a time: $149

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